Classic Testimonies Twelve DVD Collection

Friday, July 10, 2015

It's here, and now better than ever!

Finally! A classic collection of 12 years of testimonies of the power of God's Word to change lives. This collection is exclusively for Gideons, and includes all 12 original best-selling testimony DVDs we've produced from 2002 through 2014 at the International Conventions.

Each DVD includes:
personal testimonies of changed lives
year by year reports messages of God's miraculous work around the world
stirring messages full of testimonies of God's goodness
DVD menu for quick access to each session

These are given by individuals whose lives were changed, international workers and in presentations by the International Gideon and Auxiliary Presidents.

All twelve DVDs are packaged in a compact case to keep these treasures together.
This is also an inspiring gift to give to other members, pastors and supporters.

Buy now and save $60.00 compared to purchasing each DVD individually.
Normally $20 per DVD
For a limited time, all 12 for $180

Full Content List Below

City / Year Testimonies Pastors Banquet Features
Louisville 2002 Fern McBee
"Tank" Kersey
David Berkowitz
Cheryl Everhart
Auxiliary Greeting (Melba Callaway)
Kenya Ministry (Michael Mbugua)
Message by D. Michael Richey
Birmingham 2003 Chaplain (Major) Mark E. Thompson
W. R. "Buck" Buckelew
Mason Sorenson
Gary F. Linton

Auxiliary Greetings (Janet DeVries)
Colombia Ministry (Gerardo Silva)
Ghana Ministry (Samuel Ekuban)
Message by D. Michael Richey
Dallas 2004 Sandy Hinkeldy [Boyd]
W. John Davis
Elliott Osowitt
Rubindranath "Robbie" Maharaj
Auxiliary Greetings (Janet DeVries)
Switzerland Ministry (Paul Koch)
Argentina Ministry (Horacio P. Bombicini)
Message by D. Michael Richey
Anaheim 2005 Bruce Rogers
Chris Svoleantopoulos
Dr. Walter D. Huyck, Jr.
David Bray
Auxiliary Greetings (Janet DeVries)
Brazil Ministry (Sergio Costa Ferreira)
Message by Kevin W. Fuller
Kansas City 2006 Terry Hawkins
James Seluta
Larry Sweat
Ralph G. Benson
Jorge da Cronha Vungulipi (Angola)
National Disaster Program
Auxiliary Greetings (Carla Jones)
Message by Kevin W. Fuller
Atlanta 2007 Asif Hassan
Carrie Christie
Gary Cardot
Herbert Opalek
Auxiliary Highlights (Carla Jones)
Russian Ministry (Sergei D. Vishniakov)
Message by Kevin W. Fuller
Louisville 2008 Violet Hardison
Shannon Bettis
Chad Ross
Elliott Osowitt
Auxiliary Highlights (Carla Jones)
Peru Ministry
Indonesia Ministry
Message by Perrin T. Prescott
Columbus 2009 Rev. Scott Kidd
Chaplain Michael Brainerd
Andy Mathis
Nancy Rogers
Edgar Galiano
Claudio Christian
Chaplain Dan Croce
Auxiliary Greetings (Cindy Creel)
Ethiopia Ministry (Serrat Teshome)
Nepal Ministry (Buddhi Bajracharya)
Message by Perrin T. Prescott
Charlotte 2011 Maria Graver
Leroy Cannady
Johnny Friloux
Chaplain Dan Wackerhagen
Dean Mattern
Auxiliary Highlights (Cindy Creel)
Egypt Ministry (Saad Malek)
Message by Dennis J. Donnelly
Dallas 2012 Rolando Esquivel
Pastor Don Eskine
David Graham
Chamilla Pannila
Duche Bradley
Pastor Marty Brauer
Auxiliary Greetings (Luanne Triplett)
Indonesia Ministry (Ridwan Naftali)
Message by Dennis J. Donnelly
Orlando 2013 Alexandr Piataikin
Tempe Brown
Charles Zellner
Masashi Sugita
Pastor Larry Sweat
Joplin Emberson
Auxiliary Greetings (Luanne Triplett)
Argentina Ministry (Peter J. Tchakerian)
Message by Dennis J. Donnelly
Philadelphia 2014 Jose’ Eduardo Resendiz
Sara McCulluch
Irl Flanagan
Judy Cassetty
Joe Buchanan
Alan Dodd
Ron Archer
Auxiliary Greetings (Luanne Triplett)
International Ministry (Navneet Chabra)
Message by Dr. William E. G. Thomas