2019 - Atlanta, Georgia

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

2019 International Gideons Convention in Atlanta, Georgia

DVDs and USB drives with MP4 video files may now be ordered at: http://ConventionMP4s.com.

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2019 titles:

The full set of DVDs includes all 9 titles.
The USB drive includes high definition MP4 video files of ALL session recorded below.

DVD1: Testimonies & Pastors Appreciation Banquet
Testimonies: David Doiel, Ron German, Susan Punt, Roy Pate, Brant Lindsey, Daniel Ross, Joe Dubois
Pastors Appreciation Banquet
Auxiliary Greeting: Cindy Davis & Message: David Martin

DVD2: Int’l Banquet, Ministry Emphasis & Saturday Night
International Banquet
Testimony: Serrat Teshome
Importance of Prayer: Mark Johnson
Ministry Emphasis Presentations
Saturday Night Session
Testimony: Chris Jimenez & Youth Program Report and Testimonies

DVD3: Officer Addresses
President - One Vision: David W. Martin
Executive Director: Dan Heighway
International Auxiliary President: Cindy Davis
International Treasurer: Kevin Beal

DVD4: Abound In Hope: Educational A
Personal Witnessing - Kevin Keck
Abound in Hope...
...In Our Programs - Allen J. Huth
...In Membership - Dan Heighway & Panel
...With the Auxiliary - Mike & Becky Cross
...In Church Ministry - Rudi Claassen & Derrick Giuttari

DVD5: Abound In Hope: Educational B
Abound in Hope...
...In the GideonCard Program - Bob Drinkall
...In the Faith Fund Program - Trevor Johns
...In Scripture Distributions - Dan Scott
...The Way Forward - Dr. Kim Powell
Goal Setting Under One Vision

DVD6: Wednesday Evening & Thursday Morning Bible Messages
DVD7: Thursday Evening & Friday Morning Bible Messages

DVD8: Auxiliary A
Abound in Hope - Betty Dyson
Bringing Hope to Others - Deena Hubler
Give Me Five - Mary Lou Ray
Sharing the Hope in You -
Toyin Oyegoke, Lela Whelchel & Wona Kumwenda
Gideon Leadership Challenge - David Martin
Cruising with the Cabinet - Role Play, Part 1

DVD9: Auxiliary B
Cruising with the Cabinet - Role Play, Part 2
Devotional - Betty Dyson
Auxiliary Luncheon
IOM Emphasis - Jeremy & Denise Brown
Testimony - Rev. Don Stabley
Message & Challenge - Cindy Davis