Changed For Eternity (89 Testimony Collection)

Monday, November 27, 2017

Never before have so many wonderful testimonies been available in one place at one low price!

Every testimony given during every joint session, Pastors Appreciation Banquet and International Banquet at the Gideons International Conventions we’ve recorded from 2002 through 2016 is now available in MP4 Video format in the Changed for Eternity collection on one USB thumb drive for the low price of $199 (+$5 shipping).

Note: Auxiliary Luncheons are not included, but ten of them are now available on DVD or USB Awesome Auxiliary Testimonies collection at We did not record in 2010, but have recently been able to secure distribution rights, and a special collection called “Phoenix Testimonies” is now available through us.


These additional testimonies were recorded at the 2017 convention.

Rev. Anthony Payton
Jay LeRette
Jenny Merrill
John Schofield
Joyce Oglesby
Sheri Boone
Stephanie Levesque

... if you would like these additional testimonies included, they are on a special bonus edition of "Changed for Eternity" available here.

Testimonies by: Alan Dodd, Alan Robison, Alexandr Piataikin, Andrew Sims, Andy Mathis, Asif Hassan, Bill Saye, Bill Walters, Bonnie Stone Chiarot, Brian Cole, Bruce Rogers, Bud Paxton, C B Scott, Carrie L Christie, Chad Ross, Chamila Pannila, Chaplain Dan Croce, Chaplain Major Mark Thompson, Chaplain Michael Brainerd, Chaplain Ralph G Benson, Charles Zellner, Cheryl Everhart, Chris Svoleantopoulos, Christopher Yuan, Claudio Christian, Dan Wackerhagan, Danny Demonbreun, David Berkowitz -Son of Sam-, David Bray, David Graham, Dean Mattern, Deborah Murkerson, Don Eskine, Duche Bradley, Edgar Galiano, Elliott Osowitt, Elliott Osowitt (2008), Fern McBee, Gary Cardot, Gary Linton, Godfrey Owori (Uganda), Herbert Opalek, Irl Flanagan, James -Mike- McKenzie, James Saluta, James Smith, Jeanette Delaurier, Joe Buchanan, Joe Paduano, John Davis, Johnny Friloux, Joplin Emberson, Jorge da Cronha Vungulipi (Angola), Jose' Eduardo Resendiz, Judy Cassetty, Keith Richardson, Larry Sweat (2006), Larry Sweat (2013), Leroy Cannady, Lester Harper, Maria Graver, Mark Galloway, Marty Brauer, Masashi Sugita, Mason Sorenson, Michael Williams, Mike -Tank- Kersey, Mike Dalton, Monte Moran, Nancy Rogers, Pat Shelton, Phil DelRe, Rolando Equivel, Ron Archer, Ronnie Cummings, Rubindranath -Robbie- Maharaj, Sandy Hinkeldy, Sara McCulluch (2014), Sara McCulluch (2015), Sarah Mullin, Scott Kidd, Shannon Bettis, Ted DeBruhl, Tempe Brown, Terri Hensley, Terry Hawkins, Violet Hardison, W R -Buck- Buckelew, Walter D Huyck