2021 - Orlando, Florida

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

2021 International Gideons Convention in Orlando, Florida

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2021 titles:

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Individual DVDs

Contents of each DVD as follow:

DVD1: Testimonies & Pastors Appreciation Banquet
Testimony - Robert Barrasa
Testimony - Mike Larsen
Testimony - Maikel Chantez Dominguez
Testimony - Sandy Boyd
Auxiliary Greeting - Lynne Peterson
PAB Testimony - Uma Moorthy
PAB Message - Kevin Keck
Testimony - Jim Boone
Testimony - C Dan Scott

DVD2: Historical & Ministry Emphasis
Convention Preview - Kevin Beal
History of the Gideons Video
Witness to History - Jeff Pack
Our Spiritual Legacy - Mike Richey
Expectations of a One Vision Camp - Ara Sobek
Reach Responders - The Impact of a Gideon Camp
Convention Recap - Kevin Beal
Ministry Emphasis - Australia
Ministry Emphasis - South Africa
Ministry Emphasis - Columbia P&PW
Ministry Emphasis - India

DVD3: Officer Addresses, Steadfast & Stable Educational (A)
Executive Director's Address - Dan Heighway
International Treasurer's Address - Kevin B Keck
International Auxiliary President's Address - Lynne Peterson
Structural Changes Overview - David Martin
International President's Address - Allen Huth
Camp Evaluation - Striving Side by Side with Gideons and Auxiliary - Dan Scott
Impacting Our Communities - Striving Side by Side with Churches - Jeff Audrain and Justo Escobar

DVD4: Steadfast & Stable Educational (B)
Being a Stable Steadfast Witness - John Goodman, Kim Powell, Dave Lacy, Reza Rasti, Trevor Thomson
Spiritual Support - André & Elmarie du Plessis
Challenge - Raja B Singh
Breakout: Conducting Ministry in a CoVid World - Mark McNett

DVD5: Steadfast & Stable Educational (C)
Breakout: Membership Strategies - Mark Austin
Breakout: Digital Initiatives - Dave Lacy

DVD6: Wed Evening Bible & Spiritual Preparation Messages
Bible Message 1 - Dave Love
Spiritual Preparation - Pastor Rob Morgan

DVD7: Thurs Evening & Saturday Afternoon Bible Messages
Bible Message 2 - Dave Love
Bible Message 3 - Dave Love

DVD8: Friday Auxiliary
International Auxiliary President's Address - Lynne Peterson
Dare To Be A Daniel - International Auxiliary Cabinet
The On-Ramp - Susanna Peltonen
Praying Beyond the List - Diane Vaughan
Loving the Lost - Karen Griffith
Spiritual Conversations - Kathy Cooke, LaJean Wilson, Carolyn Lomas, Joyce Cheek
Gideon Leadership Challenge - Dan Heighway

DVD9: Saturday Auxiliary
A Welcoming Place - Bobbie Leland
Refueling - Mollie Bontrager
God's Provision - Various Testimonies
Dare to Stand Alone - Vilma Cruz
Leather & Iron - Cindy Davis
Testimony - Judy Giorno
Message & Challenge - Lynne Peterson
International Outreach Emphasis - Raymond Christinat