2017 - Kansas City, Missouri

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

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    The full set of video recordings includes recordings in 11 collections with approximately 19 hours of highlights, including:
  • More Powerful Testimonies from around the world
  • NOTE: Testimonies are recorded on DVDs 1, 2, 3, and 11!
  • Practical Personal Enrichment & Ministry Building Sessions (DVDs 5,6 & 7)
  • Incredible Bible messages by Rev. Robert J. Morgan (DVDs 8 & 9)
  • Practical, Inspirational & Encouraging Auxiliary Sessions (DVDs 10 & 11)
  • Reports of God working internationally (DVDs 2 & 3)
  • Exciting Keynote & Leadership addresses (DVD 4)
  • Personal ministry training to bring you closer to God
  • Up-to-date activities within the ministry
  • ... too much more to list here -- listen for yourself!

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Video Works is pleased to provide to you the following audio from our recordings at no charge. For thousands of our brothers and sisters in other countries, this may be the only way they can hear and share in the blessings of the convention. See the BLESSING MAP below to see what all areas are being blessed! If you would like to help defray the expenses of this web site archive, just buy more DVDs and USB drives!

You may listen to or download these audio recordings, below, by clicking on presenter's name and/or presentation title.

The Following are Included in All Full Sets (both DVDs and USBs)

DVD1 Testimonies & Pastors Appreciation Banquet
Testimonies: Sheri Boone, Jenny Merrill, John Schofield, Joyce Oglesby, Rev. Anthony Payton; Pastors Appreciation Banquet: The International Ministry: Sergei Vishniakov; Auxiliary Greeting: René Lucas, Auxiliary President; Message: Kevin Beal, International Treasurer

DVD2 Int’l Fellowship Banquet & IOM Emphasis
Testimony: Igor Vrgoc, Croatia; Standing Firm: Tim Morningstar & Larry Williamson
IOM Emphasis: Madagascar, Kenya, Mexico, Thailand, Myanmar, Paraguay, Chile, Democratic Republic of the Congo, France, Panama, Guyana, Chad, Coté dé Ivoire.

DVD3 National Associations & Saturday Evening
National Association Emphasis: India, Republic of China, Germany, South Africa, Finland, and Brazil
Saturday Night: Testimony: Jay LeRette; Message: Pavel Denk & Allen Low

DVD4 Keynote & Officer Addresses
A Keynote Message: David W. Martin
Executive Director’s Address: Craig Warner
Treasurer's Address: Kevin Beal
President's Address: David W. Martin
Auxiliary President's Address: René Lucas

DVD5 Standing Firm in One Spirit (A)
The Inspired, Infallible, Inerrant Word of God: Jerry Burden
A Singular Focus of Winning Others to the Lord Jesus Christ: Mike Mbugua
A Christian Business and Professional Men’s Association: Kevin Beal
A Complementary Element—The Auxiliary: Mike DeWoody

DVD6 Standing Firm in One Spirit (B)
Our Relationship to the Church: Trevor Monson
Funding the Mission: Dr. Joseph Shields
Our Seven Spiritual Objectives: Jimmy Duren
Authority and Direction: Craig Warner

DVD7 Standing Firm in One Spirit (C)
Standing on a Firm Foundation or Shifting Sand? Allen J. Huth
Goal Setting and Membership Initiatives: International Cabinet

DVD8 Wednesday Evening, Thursday Morning, & DVD9Thursday Evening & Friday Morning Bible Messages by Rev Robert J. Morgan

DVD10 Auxiliary A
Standing Firm in One Spirit: Mary Kiethley
Living a Life Worthy of the Gospel…
My Time with the Lord: Rueshan Boone
Daily Reporter: Rhea Clunan, Sandra Parker, Sheryl Boone, Joanne Sanders, Mary Ann Sorrels, and Karen Bolton
My Obedience to the Lord: Patsy Pigford; Time of Reflection

International Outreach Highlight: Hirut Messele Gebre
My Triumphs in the Lord: Lynne Peterson and Leila Nieminen
Gideon Leadership Challenge: Navneet Chabra
Standing Firm Against the Enemy: Rev. Robert J. Morgan

DVD11 Auxiliary B
Serving Together for the Gospel: Aimee Beal
Striving Side by Side…
Membership Matters: Paula Hall; Video Participants: Jesse & Krista Aguirre, Kyle & Sarah Hill, Mark & Lynn Link
Connecting Members through Vibrant Camp Meetings: Beth Jamison; Role Play Presenters: LaJean Wilson & Connie Gardner

Empowering Members for Action: Becky Cross and Lydia Wiegel
Celebrating Success: Mary Kiethley
Devotional: Debbie Rotunno
Auxiliary Luncheon: Testimony: Stephanie Levesque
IOM Ministry: Angelo Greco, Mike Mbugua and Edgar Galiano
Message & Challenge: René Lucas